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The Anti-Wrinkle Routine

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The Anti-Wrinkle Routine
A routine is a plan of attack that helps you reach a goal. For many women, that goal is to retain, or regain, youthful looking skin. But just like any routine, maintaining a skincare regimen day in and day out can feel like a daunting task. Whether it is an unpredictable schedule, or too many failed attempts have dampened motivation, you just can’t seem to find a routine that works for you. Following a routine can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be impossible! Below are a few tips to help you stick to your skincare regimen. As a bonus, we included a simple-to-follow routine for maintaining youthful, vibrant looking skin.

Think “opportunities”

If you’re on the go constantly, it can be tough to adhere to a strict skincare regimen. But the secret to staying on track is to find opportunities, or micro-moments throughout your day when you can make your skin a priority! Set reminders on your phone. Jot down a note at your desk. And if that doesn’t motivate you, keep a nearby photo of a celebrity or friend with flawless skin for a dose of inspiration. It doesn’t take much to adhere to a schedule, it just takes a little push. Carve out five minutes of your day to take care of business.

Keep them in plain sight

When it comes to skincare for anti-aging, opportunities missed are opportunities gone. Keep your skincare products within reach and where you can see them…on the bathroom counter, in your makeup bag, on your dresser, etc. And unless you’re home 24/7, you’ll also want to pack a few staple items in your purse. Products like moisturizer and SPF are great to have on hand to maintain hydration and protect your skin against the elements.

Product choice matters

Of course, you can’t have a solid skincare routine without the right products. What you put on your skin can enhance or interfere with your end goal. That said, the best products for anti-aging will accomplish three goals: protect, rejuvenate, and brighten. Many women have to purchase several products to achieve just one of these goals. But, with products like Ramónla, you can reap all of the benefits in one single system.

Our “Simply Flawless” Routine

  • Cleanse skin with a gentle soap to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup residue.
  • Apply Ramónla to activate anti-aging benefits.
  • Apply SPF to protect against UV rays and free radicals.
  • Use oil blotting sheet to remove excess oil from your face.
  • Re-apply SPF.
  • Cleanse skin with gentle soap to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup residue.
  • Re-apply the Ramónla Moisturizer + Toner for nighttime rejuvenation.